Hazardous Cleaning services

Crime Scene and Hazardous Cleaning services that your average cleaning company won’t take on…

Environmental Cleaning

Disinfection and decontamination services.

Unsanitary waste removal and cleaning.

Jet Washing.

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Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

Biohazardous waste removal and disinfection.

Decontamination services.

Suicide/undiscovered death cleanups.

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Pest control Cleaning

Rodent Dropping removal and disinfection.

Pigeon guano removal.

Animal carcass removal.

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House and Garden Clearance

House and office clearances.

Hoarded item removal.

Overgrown gardens cleared.

General maintenance.

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Hazardous and pest control cleaning

Environmental, Crime Scene Cleaning and Pest control Cleaning

You’ve cleared your infestation, proofing has been done. It’s now time for the clean-up.

After the trauma of having a pest infestation, the thought of having to clean can be daunting. BW Pest Control offers a professional pest clean. We can remove all droppings and contaminated materials and then carry out full disinfection of the area.

Hoarded Items? Unsanitary property? Overgrown garden?

We can remove all unwanted items, clean any unhygienic material/properties and clear any overgrown gardens. We can also provide year-round pest service and property maintenance contracts.

FAQs on Hazardous Cleaning services

A relative has a lot of hoarded items and a fly infestation, is this something you could help with?

Yes, we can. We can remove all unwanted items and carry out a thorough clean, removing the source of any fly infestation.

We had a rat infestation, a pest control company has cleared them but we a have lot of droppings, do you carry out pest control cleans?

Rodent droppings/Urine especially rats is very hazardous to your health. BW pest control does provide thorough pest control cleaning and disinfection. Making a previously infested area safe.

There’s a dead fox in my garden and I want it removed can you do that for me?

Yes, we have an animal carcass removal service. We can also carry out a clean/ disinfection of the area if necessary.

Special Chemicals

We are trained in all types of pest control and have access to many chemicals/methods (professional use only) which are not accessible or available to the common cleaning companies.

Affiliates and Accreditations

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