CCTV Drain Surveys

Drain Surveys to identify rodent ingress points

Find rat entry points from your property’s sewage runs.

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Pipe relining and repairs. Manhole wall and casing repairs

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One way rat blockers are supplied and fitted.

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Permanent solutions to ongoing rat problems.

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Finding the hidden rat entry points

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Rat infestations are often traced back to a single fault in the drainage or sewage runs.

Using the latest in drain surveying equipment we can camera survey your drain and sewage runs to find faults and potential ingress points.

Once we have located any faults, we can then carry out repairs and deal with the rats permanently,

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I’ve had pest control out to clear a rat infestation. They got rid of the rats but after a few months they return, what can I do?

It’s likely they haven’t located the main ingress point the rats are using. It could be that it is underground in the sewage run. A CCTV drain survey will determine whether there is a fault in your sewage run, which can be repaired by denying rats entry.

I can hear scratches in the walls but I don’t have any rodent activity in the house or outside?

Rodents will exploit any fault in the structure of a building or drain network, dealing with it early means we can clear them before it gets heavy, or they cause any damage to the building.

There are rat holes around the drain manhole in the garden and I’ve noticed some activity, what can you do?

If there are rat holes near your manhole cover it’s likely that there is a fault in the manhole wall or sewage system. A rat treatment plan, drain survey and required repairs should sort this issue.

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